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April 28, 2010

What the world needs now is love sweet love...?

What the world need now is more truth and less denial. This is pertaining to the abusers. Yes, I know, "but they were probably abused as children", as some would say. That is partly true, the only difference is, that as adults do they have the ability to make an adult choice? That is to want to stop, or to seek some kind of help. It is the denial that anything or any situation is wrong, so nothing gets solved. Do you know that some of the lonliest people are in relationships that are empty. They sleep next to each other and feel nothing. What you cannot feel you cannot heal! They keep telling themselves that it will be OK, I need the finances, it is for the kids or they fear the unknown etc. The truth is that underneath the feeling may be that "I don't trust myself to be able to make it alone". Another well known statement is..."but I love him/her". Who could possibly love someone who verbally or physically abuses them? It may have started out about love, but it turns into fear and denial of your pain. You eventually get to the point of not feeling any emotion and your personal power gets weaker the the longer you are in this kind of relationship. Of course that is when the abuser has won. In some situations it takes getting nearly beaten to death to make the necessary leap of faith. I am mostly speaking to women here. When confidence gets so far down and you are on the floor with someone kicking you, what do you think will change that? It is YOU!!

There is one thing for certain, when you do decide to change your situation, things will work out! Have faith in yourself and your inner power. It is not your fault when someone else misuses and abuses you. It is their problem! Believe me, anything worthwhile doesn't come easy. Be a survivor and dump the garbage. Pick up the telephone and ask for help. Get out of the victim role. I know it can be done. I am a survivor. Live the peaceful life you deserve. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!
2:00 pm

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