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September 21, 2010

But, but...?

When trying to break free from the abusive cycle it takes effort and wanting to. If any of my other posts have been read, you can be sure that I go directly to the point.

Sometimes there are too many excuses for not taking care of yourself. If you are caught up in the never-ending story of being the victim, it will never fix the situation. It is easier to look at the good side of an abuser rather than do the work it takes to break free. Pooh!...it is just another excuse. Inside yourself you know that it will continue. It definitely takes determination and work to make a more peaceful and sane life for yourself.

Being the victim or escaping into the poor-me syndrome is a choice. You either want to leave the adrenaline rush of the roller-coaster ride or you do not. It is as simple as that. Because choices have consequences, it is the consequences you live with. Which is worth it, the endless complaining to anyone who will listen or figuring out that courage means something else is worth fighting for? It means that yourself and any children involved are important!

If there is anyone in your  life that has continued listen and care after all of the, "but-buts" or any other avoidance excuses, call on them to help get you out and on the recovery highway. Just take that first step.

It is not easy, I'll say it again, "it is not easy". It is like anything worthwhile; a choice to be  responsible and to do the work. You will doubt yourself many times. After a while, one day at a time, you will wonder why you waited so long to take the leap. Eventually the light of your spirit will shine brightly again. Life is made up of habits and routines. Living in abuse is just another familiar routine, but can be a dangerous one.

Let go of the victim role! Who is going to care if you do not care enough about yourself to try for a better way of life? Listeners get burned out with the same old song after while. Look in the mirror and tell yourself every day, "I am worthwhile" and "I will get help one way or another". Leave the victim behind and choose to move out, move on and move up!

You can do it; You have to want to! 

7:29 am

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