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April 8, 2011


Overcoming old habits we are used to whether they are bad for us or not isn't an easy task. Only with perseverance can one succeed. Strive to move forward, regardless of difficulties that will inevitably show up. Only what you think of yourself and your own behaviors are within your control. Remember, you are not responsible for anyone else's actions or what they may think or say. Practice selfishness. Follow your inner guidance that is a part of each one of us.

Being selfish is your relationship with yourself, vs. self-centered which is the thinking that the world revolves around you and your affairs. Treat yourself with kindness and learn to say no when feeling the overwhelm of too many demands. Persevere on the road that brings balance to your life, in what ever way works for you. Loving yourself will radiate outward to others and it makes a difference of who comes into your life. Changing from a negative way of living to a more positive one builds the self-image, which will bring Light to your spirit and brighten your journey. Be "who you" want to be!

Quite possibly, you may be the most interesting person you will ever meet. Smile
11:58 am

April 5, 2011

Now what...?

"What do I do now"? you may ask. It is the lingering emotional pain that is not easy to deal with. No matter what the loss or separation is, the feelings need to be expressed and dealt with. If not, it will lead into more pain and a spiral downward. Expression over repression!

Think about yourself this way...if you saw a child and you knew this child was hurting what would you do? Whether it was physical or emotional. Usually we would try to make the child feel good in some way. Well, treating yourself as you would a child is what you need to think about. You have a child within yourself that needs the same nurturing. Be a mother or friend to yourself.

There are all the usual ways to work on this like meditation, reading, exercise etc. What about considering positive thoughts such as, calling on your Guardian Angel to walk beside you each time you feel your emotional pain. Make the conscious effort to say to yourself, "I need you to help me heal". Use any affirmation you make up in your thoughts daily, and with consistent effort you will feel much of your emotional turmoil lifting. Positive and negative cannot be in the same breath. We all have an Angel within; it is our higher self.
So, now what? Smile and know that positive Light energy resides within; you only have to believe that and believe in yourself.

2:53 pm

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