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June 20, 2012


As I think about the signs and symptoms of a battered woman-- I say "woman" because it happens more to females. It is physical and emotionl. The scars of abuse last much longer on the emotions. How much life is wasted because no one sees or suspects what is happening. No one pays attention or wants to believe it. Women get locked into a situation that beats the confidence and esteem completely down. It is not easy to break free and abused women need support. They need to be seen and abusive situations need to be brought out into the open. Here I will list some signs to notice.

A womans face is swollen or bruised with lame excuses as to why? Are there complaints of ailments frequently-- with over attention from the partner? Usually they feel they are in more control when the woman is ill or helpless. Notice if the abuser is oppressive and intrudes when the woman tries to converse with anyone. Is the woman's personality changing, for example, quits contacting friends, suddenly becomes too private. Is her posture slumped and does her face show a depressed expression? Do sudden noises make her jump with hands raised in a protective position? If anything is physically noticeable are there excuses made that make no sense? Notice if she is overly apologetic for every little thing. Remember, the woman is afraid. It can certainly be called living in domestic terrorism!

A woman may not feel comfortable or dare to ask for help because she feels like she is nothing and unimportant, but she does need all the help she can get. She is fearful the abuser will find out if she tries to get out. The hopelessness that an abused person lives with, is like living life in a dead frame of mind so brainwashed they can't see that there is another way to live. If you suspect any abuse is happening to someone you know, please encourage them to seek some kind of help. In some situations it just may save a life.

10:48 pm

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