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October 23, 2012


What does this mean? It is a fact that the past cannot be changed no matter how much we disliked some events. Being critical of someone or something does not change anything. Maybe growth and strength were the result of coming through hard times.  Carrying the burden of blaming outside influences  or people may be a sign of ones own insecurity. Many times only half the truth is known, and of course we all should know, there are two sides to anything. So, before blaming or pointing fingers, maybe finding out the entire story or what actually caused certain events would open a closed mind. How hard is it to find out the truth. Ask. Maybe for some it is easier to have a scapegoat, rather than looking within themselves to forgive. Why carry baggage of anger, blame and bitterness. Everything in life isn't perfect and there will be times of hurt and heartache.  Is it possibly with forgiveness and acceptance, that one can truly find a quiet mind?

4:30 pm

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