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September 2, 2014

Yep, another crossroad...

Sometimes I sit and wonder just how many "phases" we have to go through on our life journey. Well, another one has hit for me. That fork in the road and which one to take? It is a much slower time in my life now and just the right time to start writing the memories of my life, and believe me, there are a few! The good along with unpleasant. I will have to tell it like I really lived it, instead of buttering it up because somebody might not like what is written. That certainly wouldn't be me. As this year seems to be a fleeting thing, the time to start new ventures is now. So onward to start writing as well as another goal for next year. And...who knows what that may be. If there is anything I have learned in my life, it is the unpredictability of each day. It seems with "too much" planning, the Universe steps in and makes us aware of the fact...are we really ever in control? With that I will end this post and hopefully not wait too long to write on here again. Smile
3:58 pm

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every day a new choice...