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September 26, 2016


How hard it is to say farewell to yet another beautiful soul in this world. A person comes into your life unexpectedly and who gave the most positive influence  to you that you had not experienced before. A male friend with the gentleness, kindness, patience to help you walk through the baggage left from so many. How often do we find someone who can be a treasured friend who lets you be everything you are? No judgments or trying to change you. A man who can cry at movies, laugh at dumb things and helpful in all ways. One who never says no and no matter what...always says "that's OK". An angel who walked this earth, sang beautifully, played his guitar and would never refuse anyone help. A person who lived a simple life in the country, who went through some of the hardest times anyone could, yet remain the gentle spirit he was. This Vietnam vet who suffered the pangs of all that happened back then and affected his health--I salute you me dearest and best friend. You can now sing with the angels. Tears will always fall when I think of your big and kind heart you opened to so many. Farewell Chuck, you will be missed always. 1948-2016 A hero in every sense of the word.

8:40 am

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