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About Me          

My name is Amanda and originally from the finger lakes region in upstate New York. I am a licensed RN. My interest has been in the healing arts since childhood. As a youngster who bandaged everything in sight. Making a nurses cap out of newspaper, the little girl once said, "I'm going to be a nurse someday". At age fourteen I worked taking care of an elderly couple in their home. That was my first experience with patients. Working my way up from aide to a licensed vocational nurse in California, and with another move to the Chicago suburbs area, I completed the studies for registered nursing.   

My specialties are in the areas of addictions, domestic violence, child abuse, critical acute psychiatry, mental health, group therapy counseling and general medical/surgical units. Other experience has been with victims of polio, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and the elderly. Work areas were in acute general hospitals, a Drs. office for pediatrics, on call registry, New York state psychiatric hospitals and VA medical centers in New York and North Chicago Illinois. As a nurse in the Army I worked in a troop clinic in Texas and in obstetrics at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Wash. DC. Another area of employment was as  a nurse in a prison in upstate New York.   

I am a Reiki MT and member of IARP. I have a certificate for Guided Imagery and certified in the art of Tarot. Dream studies and interpretations have been an interest for over forty years. I do believe in the mystery and magic of everyday life. I follow my gift of intuitive abilities as well as Earth-centered spirituality. You might say I take a little from each of the religions...because we are all headed in the same direction. I have completed three years study of the "Western Mystery Tradition" from Wales involving Celtic myth and mysteries. My personal belief is that everything from the cosmos to the earth is inter-connected. I also find theosophy an interesting study where science, religion and philosophy blend. I continue to keep current with nursing information and the study of science. 

Although legally ordained and having studied the various major religions, I do not attend any particular church or group. A connection with the Divine source needs no director, only one's own personal higher self. The beauty of the outdoors and all that lives there evolved as the original church from the the Mystery. I believe Mother Earth and all living things to be sacred. There is a place for all faiths or beliefs.     

A resident in Tennessee, I live a quiet life by the river in a country setting. Reading is a favorite pastime and I write some short stories, as well as simple poetry inspired by nature.

Having been on many highways here in the states, my favorite places are northern California, Oregon, western Montana and northern Idaho. There are only three states I have not explored...yet.
"do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old;
                seek what they sought."  ~Basho