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Alternative Supportive Guidance
 Life Changes - Losses

I will post a quote below on this page each month to ponder on. Other than that the pages are here for anyone who wants to read them.
Originally these pages were put on this site to encourage and support women who are dealing with life changes such as losses and stressful issues. This means helping those who need understanding and support to help with emotional healing. Sometimes kindness and a listener is all a person needs. Spiritual Reiki is also considered a method to self-heal via channeled energy that helps the body to relax. Reading these pages may be of interest to those who feel discouraged at some point.


Are you experiencing a difficult life change? There are many circumstances we can control, but many we cannot. Through the years some may cause major turning points in our lives. Life can be more difficult for some than it is for others. What matters is how well we rise after each experience or change. Sharing with an unconditional listener is a helpful way to discover what we feel or want at some point. Our spirit begins to heal when the decision is made to start looking within to find personal strength and move forward. 

hoices contribute to our growth, including mistakes we make or challenges we face. I personally believe there is a reason for everything in the grand scheme called life. During times of change it may be difficult to understand that there is a purpose or a message for us to see. Stressful times or a traumatic events may give a sense that some part of us is missing and we move through the day automatically. Experiencing stress overload is like looking but not seeing and listening but not hearing. Our spirit is what gives us the strength. Self awareness is the key; denial keeps us from accepting changes or consequences in our lives. Inner growth begins when a decision is made to let go of the emotional turmoil and pain. It's about attitude, acceptance and admitting fears. It takes work to get through the tough times. Reaching out is a first step. I have found that finally deciding is the most difficult part of making a decision. It is making a commitment and being more in control of your own needs. Whatever choice that first step may be, remember, you can do it. 

Conditioning of life, personal losses, control of abuse and societal expectations are some of our molding influences. The days are filled with doing what is expected. We fear or accept the judgments placed on us from family, friends or society in general. How easy it is to forget who we are or what we want. How do you respond when you are posed with the question...why?

We have two sides, but our so called "shadow" side is kept hidden most of the time. It may be our creative expression, anger, negative attitude or secrets we have. The outer personality is what is seen and more acceptable for the roles we fill in our daily responsibilities. It is neccessary to acknowledge and accept both sides of ourselves so that we feel more whole and balanced. It is when they are in conflict that the resulting anxiety causes problems for ourselves and those around us.

Someone said to me long ago, "you cannot please everyone or save the world" and there may some be truth to those words. Is it possible that by caring, lending encouragement and support that a difference can be made? Could this mean to let go of those who are not willing to do the work of healing? It is a process, but always worth the effort. Reach out and ask for support from someone who is compassionate and will listen without judgements. Begin to trust in yourself and the Powers of the Universe.

Life will continue to be a work in progress. 

                         " Is there anyone so wise as to learn
by the experience of another  ~Voltaire

                                                 Knowledge opened the door - Experience was my teacher

In my hand I hold "SEEDS FOR SOUL"
 Wisdom, Kindness, Compassion and Love.
This simple design and name came from a dream.
Yes, a night-time dream!
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Sooner or later there is a fork in every road,
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December 2016:

"What we all tend to complain about most in other people are those things we don't like about ourselves".

 ~William Wharton 








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