According to Hawayo Takata Reiki is "Wisdom and Truth". This has been an ancient art of healing originating thousands of years ago. Reiki power is a Universal life force energy. It lives in all matter. Personally I follow the traditional method of Dr. Mikao Usui. There is a long history about this, but that is not my purpose here. I simply want to write some of the basics.

It is a hands on technique through which we channel energy. The symbols and the hand positions used are taught by a Reiki Master. One should not try to do this without the training first. There is usually an exchange of Energy between the giver and receiver. This is what my Master taught me. There are ethical principles to live by. It is a simple, yet profound method of helping another. That is if one is led to the healing arts. Some try to complicate this or change the simplicity and originality. Ego has no place in Reiki. A sincere desire to help another through love and the wisdom of the Universal Energy is the purpose of Reiki. There are five Reiki principles and are based on the "Three Pillars": Gassho, Reiji-Ho and Chiryo.

Gassho simply is the two hands that come together, as the prayer hand position. Then the eyes are closed bringing the hands in front of the chest or on the lap, if more comfortable. This is to relax and meditate. You may sit in whatever position is comfortable, including sitting in a chair. Focus your mind at the point where the two middle fingers meet. Try to clear the mind of everything else. This meditation is about twenty to thirty minutes.

Reiji-Ho means Reiki methods. This is usually done prior to doing a treatment. Place your hands in Gassho position to connect to, and ask the power of Reiki three times to flow through you. Notice what you feel. If one is at the second level of Reiki training, this is a means to send energy at a distance. Of course, using the proper symbols. Also mentally ask for the improvement or recovery of a person on all levels. The power of Reiki will flow through the hands. The more it is practiced the more you will notice the energy. It must be restated that we are only a tool; the Energy of the Universe works through us. At this point, with folded hands over the third eye (center of forehead), ask for guidance and that your hands will go where the energy should flow. A pendulum may be used over the receiver at this point also. This is to assess where energy is needed. Allow your intuition to guide your hands.

Chiryo means treatment. The receiver can lay on the floor, but preferably a massage table for the comfort of the receiver and the giver.

When using the Reiki healing-relaxation technique remember the three connections. First, the meditation to connect as oneness with the Universe. Second, letting go of ego and a connection with the Divine Power to let the Energy flow. Third, treat the receiver.
Simply put: Meditation-Devotion-Treatment. Give thanks the Universe and the Masters.



Just for today I will give thanks
for my many blessings.

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will not be angry.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and
every living thing.



Reiki Master-Teacher